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Be on if you still want a mount and don't have one

Thank god we didn't just extend to try and push for server first Archimonde

kiasays Smooth Jazz: The skinniest kids at fat camp. <3
thilia Nice job guys!!!
Chestur 1 down ~22 to go. Grats guys.

~first non disc priest kill FDY has seen in years. Taz tried his hardest though

Primrose "first non disc priest kill" i'm sorry guys ;~; Is there an archi betting thread? I'm gon...
Chestur Nice! Glad that bastard is finally dead.

Greetings from your neighborhood friendly Web admin!  If you are unable to post or view forum topics but previously had the ability, it's time to find and bump your authorization thread again.  All users who haven't logged in over the last 9 months have had their access removed to trim down on authorized users.  This in no way represents a ban from the guild, unless you've previously been banned and somebody forgot to remove your posting access. In which case, get the fuck out.

Website is down to a month of paid time.  FdY is offering some incentive to pay for hosting time; inquire with Trollbrudda for details.

According to the server logs Mumble has been unstable this month. For the 5 of you whom actually use it, be sure to send a PM to either me, Ariesian, BO, or Kaynub here on the forums and we'll get it restarted.  The issue appears to be server related and is beyond the scope of out ability to do anything short of turning the server back on when it crashes.  I've notified Enjin of the crashing so we'll see what happens.

A new year is rapidly approaching and with it, the 9 month slog through the last vestiges of stale content and dumb boss fights. If the last expansion is anything to go by, expect the guild roster to continue to dwindle through the end of May.  Everybody gets burned out at some point and the extremely long periods of content that Blizzard has settled on isn't going to entice people to keep the subs going.  Just remember to resub for Legion!

Hope everybody had some Happy Holidays and we'll see you in 2016


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Trollbrudda OFFICER posted Oct 20, 15

Good work everyone, this one wasn't easy

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